Thursday, September 30, 2010

Always by your side.

No matter what they do you will always love them
Not humans
But your pet.
Dog, cat, snake, rat, hamster, ect.

For me its dog
I have a dog
I dag named Doggy.
He is the biggest derp in the world.
He only knows 1 trick and that's fetch.
When i take him out for walks he runs all the time.
He's a tiny fat puff ball. Or a shih tzu.
If I call for him he will run to me.
When your dog wags it's tail you know it's happy.
There is no way that could fake.
Everyone should have a pet and actually care about it
So you too can have a friend!!
A pal
A buddy
A bro
A Mudkip.


  1. Gotta catch em' all! Love pokemon and I LOVE this post! *following!

  2. I wish my dog was a god damn mudkip

  3. I definitely like this post. I feel the same way about my Yuffie

  4. I never understood why that kid has white hair...

  5. Thanks to everyone for the comments!
    Also, it's not his hair. It is a beanie.

  6. >I never understood why that kid has white hair...

    Oh, you've done it now, son.

    That ain't white hair. It's a white beanie.

  7. Wow a pokemon poem, that's so cool. Write more :D

  8. Watch as the wild Victor rages

  9. god. wish pokemon were real. just for a day. that's it.

  10. i got a dog too love her sooo much