Thursday, September 30, 2010

The big 18

In the first pokemon games you decide to leave your house and go train to become a pokemon master at age 10.
Who lets their children out without food and a pet to protect them?
A ten year old now a days wont be able to find his/her way through a cave.
Giving up their education so they can make animals faint?
It just gets me thinking...
Why can't real life be like pokemon?
Going out on adventures with your best friend by your side.
meeting new people the right way instead of saying "Hi my name is ___"

It should be like "Hey you got a pet I got a pet Lets bet on them to see who fights the longest. First pet to faint loses the money


  1. But then imagine all the chaos in the world!!

  2. dude, this is something I think about all the time when I hear someone say "I wish pokemon were real". There's no way.