Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We never met.

Pokemon was more of a hobby than it was for entertainment  when I was younger.
My dad, brother & I would watch.record the Pokemon episodes on a VHS cassette.
We'd collect the cards, play the games & dress up as then for Halloween.
Now those days are now just a blur in my memory.
Finding out he wasn't my real dad while leaving my family. My older brother being introduced to the gang life & drugs killed the good times. The great times.
Now here I am a high school senior obsessed with pokemon alone.
No one to watch, trade, play, battle, live Pokemon.


  1. The only reason I ever bothered with Pokemon was because of my best friend in elementary school. He was obsessed with it, so I took it up to play with him.

    First time I ever used a link cable, right there.

    Then he moved away.

    I play in memory of him.

  2. Yo Hip-Hop that's some fucked up shit it sucks but glad you still play in honor of your friend i would say

  3. Bitch, do you not know who I am? You must not know who I am.