Saturday, November 20, 2010

UPDATE: no one gives a f***

Today I discovered that there was a blogging app for the droid market.
This means I will be able to post more.
The story to why I have not been posting is because i ran out of internet at home.
& the texting blog thing sucked big ones.
So yeah.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie night

Yesterday my senior class had a stupid event.
Halloween hoopla movie night.
It was as stupid as it sounds.
The movie chosen was Nightmare on elm street.
And to top it off behind me were those cliche stupid kids that make a stupid joke and only their stupid friends laugh. Then they repeat it 4-6 times.
Fuck them.
But i hang out with some chick that is awesome
So it's all good!

Friday, October 15, 2010

You damn teenagers!

While riding back in my friend's car we scared the shit out of him.
No onehad a seat belt, license plates where expired.
Prior to getting in the car my other friend had bought cheap finger lights.
So we had the red and blue ones ready.
We flashed the lights at the rear view mirror and scared the shit out of him.
He braked and froze.
Honestly the funniest shit that has happened to me in a while.
The funny thing about that is that we just finished watching "Jackass 3d" whcih is ok. The could of done better but Iit was still pretty funny.
Too much dick though..
Well yeah the prank we pulled on my friend was awesome!

So that was my day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good news/ bad news

The good news for today is that I am actually using a computer to blog. No longer using the droid at the moment.
The crap news is my laptop is currently being a jew with me.
So the next couple of blogs wont have any nifty pictures which makes me sad.
Oh Well
Thank you!


Hello everyone I just tried the text bloggin thing in the last post.
God damn was that horrible.
So I don't think i'll be usiing it again.
But it was pretty funny as well.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hard mode with skulls.

My room is a pile of shit on top of a carpet.
I'm not kidding my room gets really dirty that I get uncomfortable.
There is left over bowls from 2 weeks ago.
Spoons on the floor.
Spiders in the corner.
The only time I decide to clean my room is when there is completely no carpet showing.
So I put my game face on and cleaned everything
I rearranged my room aswell.
I went outside to throw the trash away then when I re-entered my room I felt like I just walked into a space ship.
No kidding everything was different I totally forgot about me re-arranging my room.
Now I feel like a king!
Or another Mexican man maid.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sorry to all my followers thqt I have not posted a new blog.
At the moment I am in class using my droid to posthopefully today I will post a new blog
Just here letting you know I am not dead.

Monday, October 4, 2010


It annoys me when someone complains about somthing but never do anything about it
So the next day you'll hear the whiny kid bitch about the same thing.
I don't have a problem with it.
Why do i always have to hear the bitching?
why not just get your lazy ass up and work out
lose weight
All this stupid kid says he's too ugly and fat so no girl likes him
I tell him to lose weight or stop bitchin.
He's still bitching till this day.
So don't complain about something if you haven't done anything about it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BOOM Head shot.

Try your best to be nice to all the loners in your school.
High school or college or even work.
Who knows that person might be a cool person to hang with.
I'm saying this because one day the kid might snap.
All the people making fun of him will get to his head
then SNAP
He takes a shot gun to school and who knows
It could be your blood on the floor.
SO be a friend and try to prevent this from happening.
Because Gyarados wont hold back.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fresh meat

Now that i'm a senior at my high school it seems like every new batch of freshmen are getting worse.
This is clearly the worst generation ever and we are living in it.
Sure we have technology.
But with all the teen pregnancies and all the hipster garbage.
We are shit.
We will be remembered as shit.
But maybe there will be some break through and everything will be normal.
I have to stay positive but I don't see anything good happening any time soon.
Fucking Justin Bieber and twilight..

Wrong again!

I mean NEVER judge a book by its cover.
Take the bible for instance.
It may look cool with shiny gold letters and what not but its dull.
I've had experiences where people judged me based on the way I dress & look.

I've also judged a couple of books my self.
Big mistake.
Don't even judge emos by their looks.
They may look like little wimpy Pieces of poo.
But in reality, they're much more!.
So if you find something new or meet someone new
Get to know them before yous tart thinking anything.
Who knows that person can turn out to be the best person you ever meet!


Remember when you had those friends in grade school who loved pokemon as much as the next guy?

Back when cable links were cool.
What happened to those friends?
Now a days if you ask for a pokemon battle or a pokemon trade They laugh.
They are into those playstation beat'em up games now.
"Hey what's your gamer tag"
You never hear "Hey lemme see your trainer card!"
Now your not cool enough.
No one to battle.
No one to trade.
Just sit there in your little space wit your Gameboy
Now new pokemon came out.
Who are you going to discuss that with now?
Now pokemon isn't cool.
Your not cool enough.
But I still got a Mudkip.
and Mudkip is cool.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Always by your side.

No matter what they do you will always love them
Not humans
But your pet.
Dog, cat, snake, rat, hamster, ect.

For me its dog
I have a dog
I dag named Doggy.
He is the biggest derp in the world.
He only knows 1 trick and that's fetch.
When i take him out for walks he runs all the time.
He's a tiny fat puff ball. Or a shih tzu.
If I call for him he will run to me.
When your dog wags it's tail you know it's happy.
There is no way that could fake.
Everyone should have a pet and actually care about it
So you too can have a friend!!
A pal
A buddy
A bro
A Mudkip.

Dewford Cave

When you first enter High school you really don't know what to expect.
You hear about it, you watch movies about it.
But nothing is ever 100% true.
To me high school has its perks.
Go inside and the first thing you see is a guy. This could be a teacher or a random lady that helps the school
They usually tell you where to go and how to get there.
 They gave you your TM Flash
You enter your class and see all the students.
The life lechers, your jocks, the weird emo kids, the defensive butt hurt kids.
But only sometimes you see someone different. A new opportunity to a new friend who could be just like you.
But if you don't act fast they just teleport away.
So just incase you find your abra catch it It will help you out in the long run.
So after 4 floors or darkness you find your objective.
At this point you will meet a new person and receive steel wings.
From that point your on your own.. Well that's if you didn't start off high school with a Mudkip.

The big 18

In the first pokemon games you decide to leave your house and go train to become a pokemon master at age 10.
Who lets their children out without food and a pet to protect them?
A ten year old now a days wont be able to find his/her way through a cave.
Giving up their education so they can make animals faint?
It just gets me thinking...
Why can't real life be like pokemon?
Going out on adventures with your best friend by your side.
meeting new people the right way instead of saying "Hi my name is ___"

It should be like "Hey you got a pet I got a pet Lets bet on them to see who fights the longest. First pet to faint loses the money


This teacher we have for our marine biology class is a strange charecter.
he doesnt know how the school works
he is way to calm.
Just sucks how the hipster garbage kids take advantage of him.


i started to post onmy new droid 2
So capital letters are not working all the time.
But this phone is amzazing keeps my social status's in check.
everything i can ask for is in this phone.
Sometimes i like to think my phone has a Rotom inside controlling it.
Because it does what I ask!!!

if you have verizon you should get this phone.
its well worth it.

lunch ladies.

so today while walking to lunch to get our prison food i see a new lunch lady.
the catch is that its a lunch man.
hes old with broken english
the sad thing is seeing his face. his expression showed he was not happy but he knew he had to.
he is mostlikely doing it to support his family.
but trying to keep his family alive.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We never met.

Pokemon was more of a hobby than it was for entertainment  when I was younger.
My dad, brother & I would watch.record the Pokemon episodes on a VHS cassette.
We'd collect the cards, play the games & dress up as then for Halloween.
Now those days are now just a blur in my memory.
Finding out he wasn't my real dad while leaving my family. My older brother being introduced to the gang life & drugs killed the good times. The great times.
Now here I am a high school senior obsessed with pokemon alone.
No one to watch, trade, play, battle, live Pokemon.

Hey, what's up?

Hey, what's up? A quick introduction about my self!
My name is Angel.
I enjoy playing video games and going out with my friends.
I play Pokemon competitively through wi-fi.
Stay and chat with me for some lols.