Friday, October 1, 2010

Fresh meat

Now that i'm a senior at my high school it seems like every new batch of freshmen are getting worse.
This is clearly the worst generation ever and we are living in it.
Sure we have technology.
But with all the teen pregnancies and all the hipster garbage.
We are shit.
We will be remembered as shit.
But maybe there will be some break through and everything will be normal.
I have to stay positive but I don't see anything good happening any time soon.
Fucking Justin Bieber and twilight..


  1. I know that so true that hey are dumer now.

  2. I totally agree with you... this is a bad generation. However, what can we do about it? Ironically as I'm typing this, I'm listening to Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. Hahahaha

  3. I honestly don't see it getting any better, dude. Unless something major happens, we will decline until the end of our existence. /moodkiller

  4. LOL i remember this :3 my reviews are aweome btw ;3

  5. Every generation is worse than the last.

    Though, oddly enough, every succeeding generation is predisposed to a higher genetic potential.

    They sure aren't showing it, though.

  6. I'm glad im not growing up today :/ you are completely right

  7. isnt there a new pokemon game out there?

  8. A bit of a downer but the pic made me lol

  9. You're a deep brotha aren't ya? Good stuff.