Friday, October 15, 2010

You damn teenagers!

While riding back in my friend's car we scared the shit out of him.
No onehad a seat belt, license plates where expired.
Prior to getting in the car my other friend had bought cheap finger lights.
So we had the red and blue ones ready.
We flashed the lights at the rear view mirror and scared the shit out of him.
He braked and froze.
Honestly the funniest shit that has happened to me in a while.
The funny thing about that is that we just finished watching "Jackass 3d" whcih is ok. The could of done better but Iit was still pretty funny.
Too much dick though..
Well yeah the prank we pulled on my friend was awesome!

So that was my day.


  1. >finger lights

    So that's what that finger light that's on the table is about.

  2. haha too much dick. i bet the 3d made it look like it was in your face

  3. We used to whistle the siren noise under our breath and freak out whoever was driving. It was pretty funny

  4. i've pulled similar things... very funny.

  5. This sorta happened to me once....driving my friend's car at night after having a couple drinks (I was the more sober one) and I start seeing red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I nearly shit myself before realizing they're the indoor LED lights he'd installed in his car. Fuck! haha

  6. hahaha wow i should def. try that! my frineds would freakkk!