Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hard mode with skulls.

My room is a pile of shit on top of a carpet.
I'm not kidding my room gets really dirty that I get uncomfortable.
There is left over bowls from 2 weeks ago.
Spoons on the floor.
Spiders in the corner.
The only time I decide to clean my room is when there is completely no carpet showing.
So I put my game face on and cleaned everything
I rearranged my room aswell.
I went outside to throw the trash away then when I re-entered my room I felt like I just walked into a space ship.
No kidding everything was different I totally forgot about me re-arranging my room.
Now I feel like a king!
Or another Mexican man maid.


  1. Nothing better than cleaning your room bro..

  2. Give your room a mega-clean, and then just clean every week or so.

    You'll be glad you did.

    Though cleaning the rest of your house would be something else.

  3. haha i hate cleaning.. and after i do it in about 2 days it's back to how it was before

  4. I hate it when my room is messy.

  5. I got water bottles piled up in a corner and I just dont feel like cleaning it up. Im a bum hah. Keep them posts comin man

  6. i sort of do the same thing. just go nuts one day and make everything pristine.

  7. lol, well my room isnt that bad, but its still pretty bad.

  8. Great! I should clean my room too...

  9. Kewl post bro
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